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This was a great "ending" for a great series. But I'm hoping we will one day see the story of Enid. But anyways, great work, flawless animation, good script, I see no reason not give you 5 stars.


I looove this :D!

I think I never saw such a meaningful mad movie.

I don't know what to say... Everything seemed perfect, no critism. Well then, please keep it up.

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Only one thing...No cookies for Wave? WTF? :P


has some issues, but well, it's actually pretty good

I reall like it

but WTF should that i die ONCE AND FOR ALL?!?! that is nto fair :/

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Ah, I remember when I first heard this song; it made me appreciate the NG-audio section
Big ups, glad I found it again!
I love the feel of this song

Hey, I really like the song, and the atmosphere it has to it.
I like the way you utilized these voices and then the piano; it gives it a bizarre dark theme to it.
The only reason you didn't get 5 stars, is because I think you should really make the drums heavier; especially the snare. I think that would've added more life to the song.
But it's a great work overall, and if it's made for the animation I guess you did a perfect job.

cobra0528 responds:

Thanks for the review! Much appreciated. :)

Now, this IS perfect.

The 2nd review by me. Everything is good, the speed, the background, everything. You should realese an Album of songs sometime. I enjoy all of your stuff so far. Sorry for mz poor english by the way.

TiGeR responds:

Thanks for the kind review :). I don't know about releasing an album, but hey, I'm pretty sure I'll submit more songs in the future ;D



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The texturing is really good! Your brushes are nice. Nice work on the shadows, and especially the segments of the horns!
Dawg. You got the king of the madness (Krinkels!!1!1!) to write you a review. Feel honoured!

I really like it. The shading really adds to the picture, making the brute look grim.
It might have slight asymmetries, but I think that only adds character to the creature; no natural thing is completely symmetrical.
Keep it up. (Nice signature by the way)

It is pretty much Perfect.

But I wouldn't make the background so bright.

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